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The Men's Information and Support Centre runs a number of support groups and services: Anger Management Groups, Individual Counselling, Anger Management for Couples, and the Stopping or Controlling Gambling Course.

There are also a number of other men's support groups and services available in South Australia. Click below for a list of support groups and services arranged by:


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Anger management groups for men

The Men's Information & Support Centre is running eight-week anger management groups for men. These groups will address how men's anger can impact on themselves, their families and their friends.

Key points include:
• Anger management
• The impact of men's violence
• How unresolved anger inhibits growth as a man
• Conflict resolution
• New strategies to deal with unresolved anger
• Alternatives to deal with unresolved anger
• Alternatives to negative anger and violence
• Life skills

Groups will meet on Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 8pm in the Torrens Building, 220 Victoria Square, Adelaide. Parking is available on Wakefield Street, adjacent to the Torrens Building.

2005 Schedule:
Course No.1 - 2nd Feb to 23rd March
Course No.2 - 27th April to 15th June
Course No.3 - 29th June to 17th Aug
Course No.4 - 31st Aug to 19th Oct
Course No.5 - 26th Oct to 14th Dec

2006 Schedule:
Course No.1 - 1st Feb to 22nd March
Course No.2 - 19th April to 7th June
Course No.3 - 21st June to 9th August
Course No.4 - 23rd Aug to 11th Oct
Course No.5 - 25th Oct to 13th Dec

All anger management courses are free.

If there are not enough men enrolled, the course may be deferred. Please contact MISC for details. You can download a PDF brochure here.

For further information about the services outlined here, please contact Rod Stanton on 0404 604 426.

Anger Management Courses for Couples

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Presented by Transitional Psychology & The Men’s Information and Support Centre

The anger management course for couples is designed to transform the way we experience and view anger in relationships. The impact of anger does not need to be devastating and having mastery and choice about how anger effects us and our lives is an empowering experience. We will be inquiring into things that we cannot already see about ourselves and the dynamics in our relationship that lay hidden from view. The course content is not only applicable to anger in our closest relationships, it can also be applied to all areas of life and to all relationships.

Focus of the Course:

  • Getting to the source of anger
  • Inquiring into our view of anger and our partner’s anger
  • Transforming the impact of anger in relationships
  • Managing our own anger & dealing with anger in others

Facilitated by psychologist, Gordon Wagner (B.Psych.Hons) and counsellor Michelle Gorgula (B.Psych.Hons).
Individual/couples sessions with are also available by phoning (08) 8212 3908 (fees apply).

Course 1:
6th February
13th February
20th February
27th February
6th March
Course 2:
1st May
8th May
15th May
22nd May
29th May

The Torren’s Building
220 Victoria Square Adelaide
Monday Evenings 6:30– 8:30 pm
Course fees:
$ 137.50 per person (incl. GST)
Payable by 6th February 2006
Cash/Credit Card Accepted

To register and for information contact the Men’s Information & Support Centre on 0404 604 426.

You can download a flyer from here.

Individual counselling

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The Men's Information & Support Centre offers individual counselling for all issues affecting men's health and well being. A trained social worker and psychologist are available for appointments. The counselling service supports anyone who wishes to seek help with child abuse, especially sexual abuse and psychological abuse, relationship breakdown, anger management and therapy, loss and grief, depression, self-esteem issues, coping with stress and anxiety, men's health, coping skills in self-management, isolation and crisis support. You can find out more about our psychologist here, about counselling here or you can download a brochure here.

Our psychologist Gordon Wagner charges a fee, and health fund rebates are available.

For further information about the services outlined here, please contact Rod Stanton on 0404 604 426

Stopping gambling

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The Men’s Information & Support Centre will shortly announce the launch date of a Stopping Gambling course in June or July 2005 in the foyer of the Torrens Building, 220 Victoria Square, Adelaide. We would like any interested persons to attend this launch. There will be key people from the Gambling Rehabilitation Organizations, as well as individuals who have made a big difference in Gambling Rehabilitation.

The six week Stopping or Controlling Gambling Course will commence shortly afterwards at the Torrens Building, 220 Victoria Square, Adelaide. Any interested persons please call MISC on 0404 604 426 to book for the course. The course will be free!!!                                          

For further information about the services outlined here, please contact Rod Stanton on 0404 604 426.

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